3 Benefits of Tracking Fitness With A Fitness Tracker

3 Benefits of Tracking Fitness With A Fitness Tracker

Everybody seems to be getting into the fitness tracking game with trackers and monitors being added to watches, smart phones, hand held devices or as stand alone units. Knowing how to maximize the use of a fitness tracker with a heart rate monitor will prove to be beneficial to your fitness regime and overall health.


How Do These Trackers Measures Fitness?

Measuring your heart rate is one of the best ways to determine your fitness level. Fitness trackers with a heart rate monitor detect your heart rate, normally through a pulse point on your chest, your wrist or finger tip and then measure the results.

There are basically three measurements that are important in aerobic fitness evaluation:
• Resting heart rate is the amount of times your heart beats in one minute before you exercise.
• Exercise heart rate is your pulse count after performing a specific exercise for a predetermined period or distance.
• Maximum heart rate is the beats per minute after you have pushed your body to the extreme during exercise.
Predetermined scores for the three different heart rates are then used to evaluate fitness. The evaluation process of a fitness monitor is one of the most important aspects to look for in a fitness tracker and only the top of the line monitors will have this capability.

For example, a measurement of how quickly your maximum heart rate or exercise heart rate returns to a resting heart rate is one of the determining factors of fitness measurement. Your heart rate will also continuously fluctuate during exercise and the ability to determine an average is essential to an accurate fitness calculation.


The Three Benefits Of Using A Fitness Tracker?

Firstly, the greatest advantage of using this type of technology in exercise is that you can focus on your exercise without having to track and monitor your heart rate intermittently during exercise. You no longer need a watch, chart or other measuring tools that would traditionally be used to measure fitness.
Secondly, whether you are running, swimming or interval training, a heart rate monitor will help you train more effectively and find that sweet spot for your target training zone. More importantly, especially for people with health issues, it will prevent you from over-training. A good fitness monitor should also be able to track your fitness over a period of time. This will help you better determine whether you are making progress or if you should adapt your exercise routine to increase your fitness level. The results should show an increase in your stamina, ability to intensify your workouts as well as a faster return to a resting heart rate.
Thirdly, wearing a fitness tracker with heart rate monitor will keep you honest. With so much data at a push of a button, you will know whether your efforts in a workout session have been slack, effective or going at it too hard.
The takeaway here is, if you really want to get the most out of your workout and daily activities, use a fitness tracker with a heart rate monitor, then sync it to your app or watch and keep tabs of your heart rate zone. Monitoring your heart rate not only keeps you honest with your training, but it can also help you find that ideal training zone for a fitter and healthier body.


Jason Oh is a fitness tracker enthusiast and writes an array of views on wearable and connected self technology. If you are someone who wants the best performing fitness tracker with heart rate monitor, visit http://waterprooffitnesstracker.net/ for a list of the top 11 waterproof fitness watches with and without heart rate monitors to improve the quality of your workout.


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