3 Meditation Techniques For Battling Stress

3 Meditation Techniques For Battling Stress

Stress is a word that we all hate using, but it’s something we all feel on a daily basis. Trying to ignore it doesn’t help, and trying to escape it is just a futile struggle. So, what’s a person to do? The answer lies in the power of meditation. If we cannot escape stress, then we must learn to deal with it in a healthy way.
The fact of the matter, is that stress affects everyone, women especially, which is why we need to get better about training our bodies and our minds to properly process it.

3 Meditation/Mindfulness Techniques to Keep Your Stress at Bay

Meditation is all about training your brain. Studies have shown that proper meditation and relaxation techniques can quite literally rewire your brain. Data has shown that people who participated in these kinds of activities had different, and healthier, reactions to stress when placed in an MRI.
It’s an exciting prospect, so let’s take a look at three techniques you can start practicing today.
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1. Separation and Focus

The most basic type of meditation involves separating yourself from everything and sitting with your eyes closed. Take deep breaths, guiding your rhythm by placing your hand on your chest. As you breathe in, let the distractions get swept away. As you breathe out, repeat a positive mantra that you choose.
It can be something like “I am at peace” or “I love myself” or anything that directly attacks the source of your stress. It’s important that you do this in a place of calm and quiet. That way, you’re not distracted beyond the thoughts you’re trying to control.
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2. Breathing Exercises

This technique focuses more on your breathing than anything else, and can be done standing or sitting. Just sit still, and focus on your breath for a single minute. Breathe in and out slowly, each cycle should take about six seconds total.
Breathe in through the nose, and out through your mouth. During this time, stop thinking about your tasks for the day. Leave those irritating thoughts behind for a moment and let yourself exist in that moment.
Watch your breathe as it comes out. Focus on the sensation of the air flowing through you. If you liked this one minute, try two or three and see how the effect amplifies! I personally love doing this in cold weather, because you can visualize your breath as it comes out in a puff of white that dissipates into the air.
3 Meditation Techniques For Battling Stress 3

3. Lifting Your Burdens and Distractions

This is something that I’ve developed myself, but I find that it works really well. Meditation is all about getting rid of your distractions and burdens, but sometimes it helps to have a physical means of doing this. Think of it like a meditative brain dump that cleanses your brain and leaves you open to more mindfulness.
It’s simple, just start a blog. Knowing that other people will see it and validate your feelings will give you the motivation to be honest and true. Each day, write a post where you leave all of your burdens on the page. Drop everything that’s worrying you and leave it there. You’ll be amazed how freeing it can be.
Encourage readers to do the same, and create an atmosphere of positivity and mindfulness. Try these recommended web hosts if you’re looking to try out blogging as a means of meditation.

Final Thoughts

Meditation is more powerful than most people give it credit for. The proper techniques can be leveraged to make your physical and mental health better than ever. Have you tried any of these techniques? Let us know in the comments!

Lisa Schwartz is an experienced online marketer and a regular trade show attendee. She enjoys helping brands make their mark on the digital world and the real one.


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