4 Ways to Eat More Vegetables

4 Ways to Eat More Vegetables

We all have different food preferences, and to some, vegetables are simply out of their list of daily foods. If vegetables were not good for us, we could have simply eliminated them from our diet without any consequences, but that sadly isn’t the case. Here are some strategies to counter or at least, increase your vegetable intake.


Pick Out Fresh Ones

Mushy, soggy, yellow vegetables are not what most of us would like to see or eat. You see, when you overcook, freeze or genetically engineer a vegetable, it becomes something else. It is not a vegetable anymore. To pick out fresh ones, try eating your vegetables seasonally. Fresh, in ­season, locally grown vegetables provide the most flavour and nutrition. If there are no home grown vegetables in your country, take note of where they are imported from and its seasons. Asparagus are best in spring. Arugula, corn and tomatoes are best in summer. Broccoli, eggplant and pumpkins reach their peak in autumn. Many green vegetables are best in winter, especially kale.


Cook it with your favourite sauces, soups or toppings

You can start by including vegetables into your favourite soups. Alternatively, you could cook them with your favourite black pepper or XO sauces. If you prefer having salads, use your favourite toppings and dressings to make the vegetables more palatable. Love pizzas? You could also finely dice your vegetables and sprinkle them as toppings! Cover them with all the cheese and you won’t even notice it going down your throat.


Drink your vegetables

This is likely to be the easiest way to consume vegetables. With juice bars are popping up all over, it is extremely easy to get your quick juice fix! Either that, or you could simply juice your own variety of vegetables with fruits at home. Juicing is one of the best tasty alternatives to eating vegetables. The health benefits of juicing are immense and you would not want to skip your vegetables ever again. Try spinach, kale, cucumber, celery, apple and lemon for a pleasant combination!


Make vegetable omelette

Prepare your vegetables in ways you like and you are on your way to healthy well­being!


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