5 Best Essential Oils To Improve Your Sleep & Relaxation

Imagine lying down in your bed after the longest, most tiring day. Maybe it’s hours past your normal bedtime, maybe you overdid it at the gym, or maybe it was an unusually stressful day at work.

Now, imagine finally getting to bed, except… you can’t actually fall asleep. Your eyes are closed, your body is heavy, and yet, sleep won’t come. In situations like this, wouldn’t it be great if you had some ways to help yourself relax and sleep soundly?
In fact, it turns out essential oils — basically, aromatic plant extracts — have proven to be a great help in getting people to feel relax and fall asleep. And it’s not just personal anecdotes that support this. Scientists have researched many essential oils and found them to promote relaxation and help with insomnia. Additionally, these essential oils tame your natural stress response and aid you in sleeping more deeply throughout the night, thereby improving your energy levels and mood the next day.
If you put those things together, it turns out essential oils improve your sleep by increasing your sleep time as well as your sleep quantity. So which essential oils are we talking about?
Here’s a list of the 5 best essential oils to help you relax and sleep:

• Lavender
• German chamomile
• Valerian
• Petitgrain
• Vetiver
If you are new to essential oils, just pick one or two of these — there’s no need to get all of them at once. However, it’s also true that each of these oils probably works in a slight different way in the body. If you are really having trouble relaxing or getting a good night’s sleep, it’s worth using a few of the oils at the same time for a synergistic effect. And how should you actually use these essential oils? When it comes to sleep and relaxation, two methods are particularly useful.
First, you can take an aromatic bath before bed. Simply mix 5-10 drops of the above essential oils with a bit of shower gel or shampoo and add it to your bathwater. (Essential oils don’t normally dilute in water, and that’s why it’s necessary to mix them with shampoo or shower gel first.) The bath itself will certainly be relaxing, and when you breathe in the evaporating essential oils, you will ensure you sleep well that night.
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Second, you can diffuse essential oils in your bedroom. The easiest way to do this is to simply put a few drops of essential oils onto a cotton ball and leave this next to your bed. The oils will gradually evaporate, helping you relax and reach deep, restorative sleep. If you want a more high-tech option, you can also get an essential oil diffuser, a little gadget that helps disperse essential oils more efficiently than a cotton ball. You can simply put this in your bedroom and follow the manufacturer’s instructions — typically, to add a few drops of essential oils and a bit of water.
And that’s it! By using essential oils in these two simple ways, you will feel the stress of the day melt away, you’ll become more relaxed, and when it’s time to go to bed, you will slip away to a night of deep, natural sleep.


John Bejakovic is a writer who’s interested in natural ways to improve everyday health. He blogs about essential oils and alternative medicine at unusualhealth.com. If you’re new to essential oils and would like to learn more, check out his free 7-day email course on using essential oils for improving your health.


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