5 Best Netflix Shows to Binge During Your Workout

5 Best Netflix Shows to Binge During Your Workout

Binge-watching has become the standard for Netflix subscribers everywhere. There’s a special kind of joy that comes from lining up an entire season of a TV show and knocking down every episode in a row. Although cutting the cord has its downfalls, you don’t have to ditch the dish to indulge in this not-so-guilty pleasure. It can be hard to find time during the workweek to indulge in a Netflix marathon, but there are plenty of binge-appropriate moments if you know where to look.

Your daily workout is one such opportunity. Exercise can be excruciating when you’re bored, but it can become an absolute breeze when you’re engaged in something else. Audiobooks and music are great, but binge-watching Netflix during a workout takes things to the next level. It’s like a perfect combination of fitness and chill. Everyone wins.

So strap on your sweatbands and get ready for the five best shows to binge on your treadmill.


1. Best Drama: Breaking Bad
A high school teacher, Bryan Cranston, discovers that he has terminal cancer and decides to cook meth to leave his family a sizeable nest egg. Apart from the career-defining performance by Cranston and some really tremendous writing, the labyrinthine plot will keep you engaged and guessing the whole series through.
“Breaking Bad” is like an interval workout all on its own. The show constantly juggles tense moments with calm ones — tender family scenes are cut against brutal eruptions, often with little or no warning. Your heart won’t stop pounding until you’ve finished the series.

The show ran for five seasons and is available in its entirety on Netflix. The episodes run about 45 minutes each, which is a perfect length for a daily workout routine.


2. Best Documentary Series: Making a Murderer
“Making a Murderer” follows the heartbreaking case of Steven Avery, a man who was accused of — and imprisoned for — a rape he didn’t commit. He is freed after 18 years in prison, only to be charged with murder shortly thereafter. Things get murkier when the show reveals that Avery was working to expose corruption in local law enforcement.

This series has a knack for hooking its viewers. As a Netflix Original, it’s built for bingeing — each episode is designed to keep you watching. It’s captivating enough that it has even started a major petition among fans to fully pardon Steven Avery.
While the show is only 10 episodes long, each episode runs for about an hour, which should last you for a week or two of daily workouts. The insatiable hunger for justice, however, will last much longer.


3. Best Action & Adventure: The Walking Dead
Based on the hit comic book, “The Walking Dead” follows a band of survivors trying to live through a zombie apocalypse. Though the zombie horror subgenre has been oversaturated in recent years, the show focuses more on the social struggles between the show’s still-living characters. The post-apocalyptic environment often functions as a mere vessel for real, relatable human tensions.

Aside from the gritty, addictive drama, the show has running. A lot of running. Enough running that you’ll feel right at home jogging alongside on your treadmill. And while you won’t have zombies chasing you, the constant running scenes will be a great boost to your motivation and can keep your pulse high.

Netflix has the first five seasons of “The Walking Dead,” which should keep you entertained through plenty of workouts.


4. Best Mockumentary Series: The Office (U.S.)
“The Office” follows the antics of a group of easily distracted employees and their perpetually inappropriate manager, Michael Scott (Steve Carell). With a strong performance by Carell and a genuinely interesting romantic subplot, “The Office” is a favorite of many viewers.

The best thing about the show is its easily bingeable length — the episodes are all around 20 minutes long and flow easily into one another. “The Office” also ran for nine seasons, making it the longest running show on this list.


5. Best Sitcom: Parks and Recreation
A spiritual successor to “The Office,” “Parks and Recreation” centers on the often bizarre workings of local government. Headed by the hilarious Amy Poehler, the show offers excellent writing and genuine character development, as well as plenty of improvised comedic moments.

The show is endlessly optimistic, and that optimism can be a real help during a gruelling workout. Poehler’s boundless enthusiasm will break the haze around any pre-workout hesitation, and the show’s quick pace will keep you moving. Netflix offers the first six seasons, with the seventh on the way.


Working out is hard, but binge-watching TV makes it a little easier. Don’t miss out on these five great Netflix series and be on your way to a healthier and less stressed you.


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