5 easy ways to balance your mind, body and soul

5 easy ways to balance your mind, body and soul

Always feeling dissatisfied and unfulfilled? And you’re constantly on the move that you can’t seem to breathe easily? Do you believe that you ought to be feeling better, to be able to enjoy a better quality of life? If you’ve nodded your head in agreement, or started thinking about it, you’re probably not giving sufficient attention to your whole being. Your whole being includes your mind, body and soul, and when any one of these areas is neglected; it affects your overall well-being and decreases the quality of your life.


No longer are people merely concerned about their physical health (body), but increasingly, their mental (mind) and emotional (soul) as well. Physical fitness keeps your body fit and healthy, while releasing endorphins that trigger a positive feeling. Mental wellness allows you to remain calm in the face of adversities and to solve complex problems, while emotional well-being is necessary for coping with life’s daily challenges. These three aspects tend to be interrelated and cannot be managed in isolation, if you want to improve your overall well-being.


If you’ve started feeling a little nervous and concerned, fret not, as I’ll be offering 5 simple steps to refocus your priorities to be geared towards yourself, and help you balance your mind, body and soul.



Take time out to sit in silence, and be at ease with your surroundings. Cut off the distractions and disturbances, especially technology that usually ends up draining your energy and creating unwanted stress. Let your mind be awake, alert and observant, while keeping your inner calm. If you’re unable to feel calm at the start and your mind often wanders back to work and stressful thoughts, don’t panic and start blaming yourself as doing so will only increase your stress levels. Instead, see how you progress in your mediation practices over time and be proud of every progress you make. I was bad at meditation practices initially as well, but gradually got better at it. It’s normal. Meditation state is very important for all aspects of healthy growth, including spiritual growth. Regular practice of meditation helps develop a relaxed attitude towards life. Importantly, meditation helps you realign your body with the spirit and achieving the balance between the body, mind and soul.


Creative activities

When we’re burdened by the stresses of daily life, it’s very easy to subconsciously accumulate these pressures within us. Unless we find a way to release the pent up anger and pressure at regular intervals, it’ll simply keep accumulating. For me, an effective outlet to release my pent up anger is through painting. I recall a particular occasion at work when I was facing huge amounts of pressure due to unhealthy rivalry at work, which created much tension in me. There wasn’t a way for me to express my frustration at work, and yet I couldn’t succumb to the pressure and break down. Then, I found refuge in artistic painting. This particular art class was open to all from all walks of life, targeting especially at those who were dealing with difficulties in handling conflict. In this class, we were allowed, and even encouraged, to explore our frustrations and release them through the act of painting. Initially, it felt weird, but over time, I could feel a sense of relief as the tension dissipated. Through this class as well, I discovered that I have a flair for painting!



Exercising regularly is vital for your physical well-being, which in turn helps improve your emotional and mental well-being. As you exercise, the body releases endorphins, adrenaline, serotonin and dopamine, and these chemicals work together in a way to improve your mood, to make you feel happier and better. In addition, exercising helps relieve stress and enables you to think better and more effectively cope in situations of adversities. I started off slow and easy, exercising about one to two times a week, and am working towards increasing the frequency to two to three times a week. If you haven’t been exercising for a long time and would like to start, start off slow and monitor your progress as you may have insufficient stamina initially; start a lifestyle that you can maintain across time.



Sleep deprived individuals tend to be more stressed and tired, and are unable to perform their tasks and end up making costly mistakes at school and work. It is of great importance that your body gets sufficient sleep, about seven to eight hours, every night. During the non-rapid eye movement phase of sleep, your body rests and heals during this period of time and the brain consolidates the information it has received during the day, to improve memory, during the rapid eye movement phase of sleep. Only with sufficient rest, will the body get its much needed rest and be able to take on the next day’s challenges. Like many, I’m also guilty of attempting to squeeze in that additional hour on certain nights to get more work done; it’s been difficult trying to cut that frequency, but I definitely believe that it’s possible!


Healthy food

You are literally what you eat. And while many have stressed the importance of only eating clean foods, I only agree to that notion to a small extent. I believe that cutting down on consuming too much unhealthy food from your diet and replacing some of that with fresh, organic food and plenty of fruits and vegetables, anything that contributes to the positivity in you, can help you feel better about yourself, but it can also be beneficial to indulge in foods that you like and crave for from time to time. For me, I feel that eating would be more of finding the balance, not too much and not too little of anything.


The truth is this: it is the active and creative life that rescues us from a living death owing to the daily stresses and pressures in life. It helps us get in touch with ourselves. It also develops mindfulness and concentration. So, find out what is it that the inner child in you desires. Experiment, explore and engage with it. It could be dancing. It could be singing. It could be writing. And as you refocus your priorities towards yourself, you are one step towards balancing your mind, body and soul, and enabling you to find the balance in your life!


Jacey Johnson loves to share her thoughts on emerging digital technology, health and educational trends. She is a student advisor by profession at AU Assignment Help and a writer by hobby. Her interests include online teaching and learning.


*Disclaimer: The ideas and opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not reflect the view of Zensorium.




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