5 Healthy Gifts to Get This Christmas

5 Healthy Gifts to Get This Christmas

The season of giving and loving is just around the corner! And you are still thinking of what to get for your loved ones? Fret not, get these five healthy gifts to boost their health and wellness, as you usher in 2015 together!


1. Fruit Infuser Bottle

Jazz up your daily water intake and infuse your waters with your favourite fruits. Get the 27 oz infuser water bottle that is made of durable Eastman Tritan and is guaranteed BPA free. It has a snap-fit, non-skid base and leak proof design. With such a good design that is easy to handle, this bottle makes it a great gift for children.


2. Tinké

Tinké is the only fitness and wellness tracker that measures your heart rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen saturation and heart rate variability. Know your fitness level, the Vita Index which is computed based on your heart rate, respiratory rate and blood oxygen levels. Using heart rate variability as a basis, Tinké provides controlled breathing exercises to relax yourself and indicates your level of relaxation, the Zen Index. Interested to know how did the name, Tinké, came about? Check out our blog post to learn about the interesting concept of Tinké!


3. Herb garden

Complete with fertilizer, easy instructions and planting guides, the Garden Patch GrowBox makes growing your own plants easier. Tough ultraviolet construction within the box is built to last a lifetime. Also, the planter is self-fertilizing and self-watering, so simply add the plants and potting mix to start planting your own herbs! These herbs will come in handy to spice up your healthy meals. Pick up some healthy recipes from our list of “Five Simple Healthy Meals”!


4. Humidifier

A humidifier is possibly the best gift you can give to people who have allergies and often have sinuses when in a dusty room. The AOS 7145 Cool Mist Ultrasonic is able to humidify and maintain the humidity levels in the air in rooms up to 540 sq ft. Its efficient air humidification technology uses high-frequency vibrations, instead of rotating disks and fans, to generate micro-fine mist, and the replaceable demineralization cartridge ensures the water mist is without mineral residues. Breathe in cleaner air with your family!


5. Tea Tumbler

Carry your favourite tea wherever you go, with David’s Tea travel tea tumbler. The 16 oz sized tumbler is BPA free, with a removable fine mesh infuser and a strainer to keep the tea leaves out of every sip. Also, the tumbler is leakproof and double-walled, thus keeping the tea piping hot for hours. Boost your metabolism and get rid of those stressful, sleepless nights with natural teas. Keep your loved ones healthy by putting their health at first priority with this tea tumbler.


With these healthy gifts, be on your way to a healthier life with your family and friends! Find the balance in your life!


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