5 Superfruits That Boost Your Immune System

5 Superfruits That Boost Your Immune System

With people increasingly becoming more concerned about their health and wellness, most would probably have heard of the term “Superfruits”. While there is no proper definition for it, superfruits tend to be those that are power-packed with loads of antioxidants, fiber, a variety of vitamins and minerals, as well as other nutrients that can help you look better, live longer and even prevent diseases. The more commonly known superfruits include apples, bananas and the family of berries, but there are others you may not have heard of. You can consider packing some as an after-meal dessert or incorporating them into your mid-day snack at work. So here are five less commonly known superfruits that could be even better than the commonly known ones!



According to a French study published in the Journal of Nutrition, it revealed that lychee has nearly 15% more polyphenols than in grapes. These compounds can play an important role in the prevention of degenerative diseases, such as cancer. Due to the amount of antioxidants found in the lychee, a study from the Sichuan University in China discovered that it could potentially help prevent the formation of breast cancer cells, and thus reduce the risk of cancer.



Guava is power-packed with Vitamin C, and just one cup of guava has nearly 5 times more Vitamin Cs than a medium orange, 377mg versus 83mg, which is 5 times more than the recommended daily Vitamin C intake. Also, guavas are loaded with lycopene, and have about 26% more than in tomatoes, which can help lower the risk of heart diseases. According to a study by microbiologists in Bangladesh, results indicated that guavas could possibly protect against food-borne pathogens, such as Listeria and Staph. Furthermore, according to a collaborative research by the United States Department of Agriculture together with Thai scientists, it was discovered that guava has antioxidants, comparable to other superfruits, including blueberries.



Due to the high amount of antioxidants found in pomegranates, the fruit has often been linked to improving heart and brain health. Research has found that pomegranate polyphenols help arteries expand and contract, which helps manage blood flow and prevents them from hardening. Another study has also found that the same antioxidants help prevent the type of inflammation that leads to Alzheimer’s disease.


Asian pears

One large Asian pear has about 10g of cholesterol-lowering fiber, which is about 40% of what is required daily. According to a study of Baltimore adults, it indicated that people who ate the most fiber had the lowest total and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (also more commonly known as “bad” cholesterol). These people also tended to weigh the least and had the lowest body mass index and waist circumference.



Pumpkins are crammed with beta carotene, which the body naturally converts to Vitamin A, more commonly known as retinol. And retinol is important for healthy skin, vision and the immune system. Pumpkin seeds also contain phytosterols, which are protective compounds that can help combat an enlarged prostate.


Change up your regular intake of fruits by adding these five new superfruits or superfoods to your meal plans, to get the extra boost needed to take on each day at work!


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