5 ways to burn calories as you prepare for Christmas

5 ways to burn calories as you prepare for Christmas

If you feel that you’ve been too busy preparing for Christmas and neglecting your workout and fitness goals, you’ll be glad to realise that you could’ve been working out unknowingly as you hustle about preparing for the celebration.


Cleaning the home

If you’re preparing to welcome guests at your place, you’re in luck as you’ll be happily welcoming guests to your celebration while burning calories in the process! Sweeping for an hour alone burns off 272 calories. And if you’ve the habit of vacuuming or mopping the floor, vacuuming it will help burn 238 calories an hour and mopping it will help burn another 153 calories an hour. Get your family members involved and you could all be burning calories together.


Preparing Christmas dinner

For every hour you spend chopping, dicing, sautéing and cleaning up the cooking mess, 192 calories are being burned. And if you’re part of the clearing up committee, you can shed about 320 calories an hour when you hand wash the dishes and 374 calories an hour by scrubbing the grease off the floor. Encourage healthy eating by providing more vegetable options, such as romaine salad and sauerkraut, for them to fill their plate with and aid them in digesting the hearty meal.


Putting up the Christmas tree

If you enjoy decorating the Christmas tree, you’ll be glad to know that this form of exercise burns off 170 calories every hour. Put up the lights and garlands first and ornaments last. And you can minimise exposed cords by individually wrapping the branches with strands of lights. Don’t forget to switch off the lights before going to bed to conserve electricity.


Winter sports

Doing winter sports is another way to get some outdoor exercise. Sledding at moderate intensity for an hour burns about 476 calories and ice skating burns about 1,200 calories an hour, while helping you strengthen your core. Gather your family and friends and enjoy doing some of these winter sports together.


Christmas shopping

If you’re one of those who dread the hassle of Christmas shopping and find that it is taking away a lot of your precious time from workouts, fret not, because going to the mall and doing some shopping, whether you end up buying anything or not, you would’ve already burnt calories along the way. Walking and shopping burns 200 calories, carrying your loots burns about 156 calories, queuing to make payments burns 94 calories and wrapping them up will burn 96 calories, when these activities are done for an hour each.


While working out and trying to keep your fitness and wellness goals on track are still important, take this opportunity, when all your loved ones are gathered together, to interact and spend more time with them. Without knowing it, you could be burning a lot of calories as you prepare and spend Christmas together!


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