7 Essentials for an Ultimate Home Workout

7 Essentials for an Ultimate Home Workout!

Want to workout those muscles, but not at the expense of getting out of the house? We are at your rescue. Build a home gym! Yes, we mean it. And it won’t even cost you whopping figure to build one. We bring you 7 important yest easy- on-the-pocket essentials to workout with at the comfort of your own pad.
Having the right and efficient fitness equipment will keep you motivated with your workout without any procrastination. We have rounded up our favorite workout gear to help you build your own home gym. Even if you don’t have much space to begin with, there are always options for all!

Dumb Bells

A set of dumbbells should be part of every home gym. They are a classic and unavoidable element. It plays a pivotal role in effective weight training. You may start off with a low weight and gradually increase as you become acquainted to it. Nowadays, one can easily get an entire dumbbell that enables convenient storing anywhere and everywhere. This further signifies that your weights are just where they need to be for proper workout, and not lying on the floor leading to fatal accidents.

Treadmill: Go the extra mile

Treadmill enables running even in odd weather. Some treadmills are like running on strong and hard surface, whereas some provide a comforting running experience. Choose one that suits you best. What are the pros of a treadmill? The speeding of the running belt can be controlled with a touch of your finger. There are primarily two kinds of treadmills such as electronic and manual. Pick one that suits your preference.

Stability Balls: A stability ball is all that you need

Another intrinsic home gym accessory is stability balls. Most of us have poor balance and low body strength. A stability ball can help you do abdominal crunches, squats, hamstring, body bridges and other exercises as well. The best thing about them is that they are inexpensive and can be stored easily. It is advised to buy colorful ones rather than see through balls as they can end up causing you grave injuries should it be lying around careleessly.

Skipping: Skip it out

Skipping is an old school, brilliant exercise. It is a phenomenal cardio workout which helps to strengthen the body and tightening of muscles. Don’t worry even if your ceilings are low and does not allow you free movement. There is variety of “ropeless” skipping rope out there. These are primarily weight handles that provide you the benefit of skipping without actually damaging your interiors.
Young girl in lotus position

Yoga Mat: Do Yoga and be at peace

Since you don’t have to look around for a particular area to spread out to carry out your yoga asana, your home is your space. Spread the mat anywhere you want because of its lesser space requirement. Use a dense and long lasting mat, which will help you utilize it effectively forever.
Zensorium Being, a fitness watch to monitor the impact of your steps taken and calories burnt 24/7.


If you have a problem in motivating yourself for a brisk walk every day, then pedometer is a sure thing to buy. It enables step counters that will help. Many versions are available, from basic ones to sophisticated models. They are portable and allow you to keep a check on your fitness on the go. Take Zensorium Being for instance – A fitness watch to monitor the impact of your steps taken and calories burnt 24/7.

Cross Trainers AKA Elliptical Trainer

A reliable and compact equipment which is used to increase walking, running and stair climbing without causing excessive pressure to joints. It also offers a non impact cardio vascular workout that can vary from light to strong intensity based. Elliptical trainer is comparable to a treadmill in its exertion of leg muscles and the heart. These are driven through legs, and most are combination designs having handle levers attached to pedal link. It enables a burden on the arms to offer a secondary source of driving power.


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