A Wearable Tech Lifestyle (Infographic)

A Wearable Tech Lifestyle (Infographic)

The Wearable Tech space is seeing a huge rise in 2014 with only an upward trend. Market analysis and intelligence agency, ABI research predicts that about 90 million wearable devices, mostly related to health and fitness, will be sold this year and demand will be higher in 2015. According to Nielson, nearly one-third of U.S. smartphone owners—about 46 million unique users—accessed apps in the fitness and health category in January 2014, an 18% increase in users compared with the same month a year earlier. This shows that companies like us are making successes in trying to match fitness with technology for the convenience of consumers.

With greater emphasis on fitness and technology by companies, you can be empowered to improve your quality of life by knowing more about yourself by acquiring data on various aspects of your life through self-monitoring and self-sensing, and be a quantified self. The collected data can then be possibly used by researchers and healthcare providers, to improve the future of healthcare.

Whether or not you have adopted some form of wearable tech into your life, the below infographic by Career Glider can definitely give you some interesting insights.


A Wearable Tech Lifestyle (Infographic)


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