Adopting a More Zen Approach to Meeting People

It’s More Than Just a State of Mind – It’s a way of being in which you are completely present with a strong sense of unison and togetherness that gradually unfolds. But don’t get confused, it will not come about only as a result of some deep meditative state of mind. It’s as natural as breathing, which is why you’ll find the biggest Zen master advocating pure simplicity. Such people never fail to impress us, and it’s no wonder we want to be in their company. Could you pull it off and adopt a more Zen-like approach when meeting people? The answer is – yes!

You Don’t Have to Pretzel Yourself Up into a Lotus to “Be Zen”

If you’re afraid you’re never reaching that blissful state of mind because you simply cannot contort your body into some unimaginably twisted position, then you are setting yourself up for failure right from the beginning. Of course you won’t be able to calm your nerves when you’re plagued by such thoughts. But the good news is – you’re wrong! Yoga lessons are by no means obligatory for Zen-seekers and sometimes you can hone these crucial skills while connecting with total strangers at the Memphis chat line.

Be Your Own Shrink – Talk Yourself into Sanity

Before attempting to spread your wisdom onto others, pull yourself together and do a round of self inspection. Watch out for your inner dialogue because it will tell you a lot about how far you still have to go to become cool, calm and collected. It’s not an easy task and plenty of people seek out professional help. But a great umber of them are now learning how to utilize their own minds in order to become better at communication. Zen is just another fancy term that gets thrown around a lot; you don’t have to use it but it would be wise to try and attain it.

Tweak Up Your Empathy Tools

How often do you listen to what your friends are saying? Listening while thinking of the best possible answer is a clear indication that you are not yet fully present, that you are elsewhere and as a result, not in a Zen-like mode. Communication entails commitment, and if you’re not committing yourself to a conversation that is taking place right NOW that means you still have some work to do on your empathy tools. Tweak them up a notch and bring your focus back!

Give It Some Time – It’ll Come!

And while you’re at it, practice some patience. Self-growth is inevitably a waiting game and it may become impossible to endure if you’re not ready for some sacrifices. Be patient and trust your innermost being because it knows exactly what it’s doing. Once you reach your goal, people around you will become more approachable. Another great benefit is that you will start attracting people who can relate to you and there will be a special kind of bond between you and those people. This connection will be so empowering you won’t be able to dismiss it so easily, and you probably won’t even desire to do so!


Davor is a language and literature enthusiast with a penchant for health and fitness. In his free time he writes for blogs and spends way too much time reading.


*Disclaimer: The ideas and opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not reflect the view of Zensorium.




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