Are you a Quantified Self

Are you a Quantified Self?

Do you remember what you ate, how many steps did you took, or the amount of workouts that you had done, a year ago? If you do, either you have an awesome memory, or you had kept a journal about all this information. The Quantified Self or self-knowledge through self-tracking is getting increasingly popular and easier with the help of various apps and devices already available in the market.


If you don’t know how, you can also learn from the most quantified self in America or see below for some ideas to help you to start:

1. Keen to lose weight? Keep a food log with a mobile apps or simply using the conventional pen and paper. Monitoring your food intake will lead to insights about your diet and health.

2. Need to be more active? Activity trackers are in the rage right now and the market exploding with various wearable devices. There are even free smartphone apps available for those of you who prefer to be device-free.

3. Want to understand your body at rest? Vital measuring devices can be bought and you can save the statistics in a spreadsheet, physically or digitally. The Zensorium Tinke reduces the hassle by being a device that works with a mobile app to automatically save your measurements.


In future, it is hoped that this quantified self-movement will be able to advance health research and improve the healthcare and the quality of life for generations ahead.


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