Causes and Natural Remedies for Snoring Problems

Snoring is not normal. It comes as a result of a narrow airway which causes difficulties in breathing. In this process, you would then spend a lot of energy breathing. Your throat muscles and tissues vibrate every time you breathe heavily which causes snoring. It can be a nuisance thus should not be ignored. The cause can be anything from poor sleeping posture to smoking habits. Either way, one needs to figure the cause of it to find the right solution or remedy.
Snoring may eventually lead to problems in the household with your partner. Some snoring problems can be dire thereby leading to sleep deprivation. There are also natural remedies which you can use at home without visiting a doctor to help you stop or reduce snoring. You can also try anti snoring devices that have rapidly increase in popularity these days, making sure to read product reviews thoroughly before purchase. However, before one finds a cure, it is necessary to find the cause first. Some possible causes of snoring include:
• Poor eating habits – Overeating
• Use of Sleeping Pills
• Intake of Alcohol and Smoking Behaviors
• Allergies
• Common cold and other throat-related infections
• Poor Sleeping Posture – Sleeping on your bacl
• Blockage of the nasal passage
• Overweight Problems
You have to keep track of your snoring habits. Some people who snore do not do it every night. There are some nights whereby they will have a good sleep without snoring. This will help you figure what inhibits or initiates your snoring behavior, thus finding a suitable remedy for it.

Natural Remedies for Snoring Disorder

You do not need a doctor to prescribe pills or medication for your snoring problems. You can do it yourself at home by applying the following natural remedies for your snoring behavior.

Control Your Eating Habits and Exercise

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Exercises and healthy eating will keep your muscles toned and reduce snoring. Avoid excessive eating before sleep as it can initiate the problem.

Sleep on Your Side

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It allows the airway to be clear of the throat muscles and the tongue. When you sleep on your back, the tongue will rest on the airway and thus causing heavy breathing and vibrating of throat tissues.

Use Humidifier at Night

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A house that has dry air will need a humidifier to maintain its moisture. Dry air escalates the snoring problem, thus a humidifier at night will assist in controlling the situation.

Vacuum Your Room to Get Rid of the Allergens

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Vacuuming allows you to get rid of the allergens in the air. Allergies will contribute to snoring as they irritate the tissues around the neck to cause swelling and block the airway. People who snore due to the presence of allergens should vacuum the room to reduce or stop the problem.

Use Pillows to Control the Position of your Neck

Soft pillows place your neck in certain positions that clear the airway of the throat. When you have a pillow stacked under your head and neck, the air passage is clear, allowing you to breathe freely.

Avoid Intake of Alcohol before Bedtime

Most people say that alcohol helps them sleep. However, it can cause you to develop snoring problems. You should avoid intake of alcohol several hours before bed instead.


Rashmi, a dedicated and qualified nutritionist with over six years of experience in the Indian food industry. She has done MSc Degree in Human Nutrition at Chinmaya degree College(BHEL) in Haridwar, Uttarakhand.


*Disclaimer: The ideas and opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not reflect the view of Zensorium.




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