Do you really know when youre stressed

Do you really know when you’re stressed?

Would it be ironic to say that you’re not able to tell if you’re feeling stressed? Afterall, if you didn’t know whether you’re feeling stressed, how could anyone else tell? Apparently, many people wouldn’t be able to identify early symptoms of stress, and these signs are generally ignored or more commonly thought of as good stress. However, there are differences between good and bad stress, and identifying and differentiating good from bad stress in its early stages can be beneficial for people to lead healthier and happier lives.


The purpose of understanding your stress patterns is for you to be alerted of people and situations that you never have thought were stressful, but your body is triggering a physical stress response. Knowing situations that you’re stressed then presents the opportunity to change how you respond and manage the stressful event. Instead of going on with business as usual, it is possible to stop, take deep breaths and calm yourself down.


Former MIT neuroscientist, Robert Goldberg told Business Insider, “We often don’t recognize a stressful situation until far after it’s happened.”


It is especially useful to know of such information especially at work, when people are more likely to feel emotionally overwhelmed or burned out. Also, knowing parts of the day where more stress is experienced, it would then be possible to come up with solutions to avoid added anxiety.


“If you find out the most stressful part of your day is your commute, and you’re coming to work already stressed out, you’re not going to do your best work. Maybe it would be better for you to work from home.”


Recognising and understanding your stress patterns and realising events that you never thought presented a degree of stress to you can be beneficial as steps can be taken to reduce or eliminate these stressors and prevent prolonged, acute stress from arising out of these situations.


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