Do You Sleep On a Full Stomach?

So Thanksgiving is over and you promised yourself you would not overeat. But here you are with all the late dinners, feeling full, bloated and ready for sleep. Is it healthy to sleep on a full stomach?

The Disadvantages When We Sleep On a Full Stomach

Eating a lot before bed time not only increases the chances of being overweight, but also the feeling of a burning sensation aka acidity, in your stomach resulting in potential problems when we sleep. Also, chances of suffering from reflux with rise due to the immediate intake of food weighing high in calories and fats, before sleep.
When we sleep or go into a reclining position, gravity no longer pulls everything in our abdomen straight down. Thus, should one have a full stomach before bed, this can cause further acid reflux, potentially resulting in a long-term damage to your esophagus.

Does this means we should go to sleep on an empty stomach?

Most are in favor of this and others are against it, which causes many debates and disagreements. However, neither of these extremes are good. Instead, try opting to eat something light. It is important to not go to bed with an empty stomach as scientific studies say that this can initiate sleep loss and problems in decomposing muscle mass at night. Such consequences can get much worse too should sleeping on an empty stomach be a daily habit.
In conclusion, it’s best to eat more fruits and vegetables at night and leave out sugar, fried foods and dairy. Check out these helpful tips on which 9 worst foods to avoid before sleep for a better night!

9 Worst Foods To Eat Before Bed (Infographic)

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