Get the killer body Fitness and Diet Secret

Get the killer body: Fitness and Diet Secret

Dreaming of getting that fit and toned body? There are in fact many ways you can attain and maintain a killer body. Some of the commonly used natural ways of achieving a fit body include engaging in regular workouts together with practising healthy eating habits. Also, there are certain foods best known to help you in the process of getting in shape, such as berries and nuts. However, workouts and healthy eating tend to be complementary and you may be unable to reap the full benefits of the foods you are eating, if you are not forking out time to exercise, and vice versa.

The first step towards attaining a fit and toned body involves managing your body weight. Healthy dieting and engaging in regular workout sessions are key factors to reducing and maintaining your ideal body weight. Physical exercises are known to facilitate your body’s capabilities to burn fat more effectively, while healthy dieting habits help in regulating and reducing excess fat intake while ensuring you absorb all the necessary nutrients to meet your body’s energy demands to function optimally.


Exercise alone is not enough

You maintain a constant body weight if the amount of calories your body burns equates to the amount of calories you consume through your diets. And your weight decreases or increases when you consume less calories or more respectively, over time.

As calories are burnt through a complex metabolic process, many scientists and nutritionists believe that it is easier to cut on calorie intake by limiting the amount of calories consumed through the diet rather than engaging in exercises and activities to help burn off the extra calories. It is believed that the effort required in restraining yourself from consuming excess calories is much lesser than the effort required in exercising to burn the same amount of calories. Hence, it can be very difficult to expend the excess calories by only engaging in fitness exercises to burn them.

Also, weight loss is the key to achieving and maintaining a killer body, but most people tend to overestimate the calories burnt through exercise and underestimate the importance of healthy dieting habits. Some nutritionists believe that engaging in some physical exercises can increase your appetite levels rather than reducing them. Therefore, participating in long hours of exercises can contribute to more eating. And because of this, your journey to weight loss may not necessarily be marked by engaging in long hours of working out. In some cases, some people even gain more weight while training.


Healthy dieting and physical exercises go hand in hand

For those who wish to shed pounds more effectively, consider combining both regular workouts and healthy dieting on a daily basis. According to most scientists and nutritionists, both ways are equally effective, you only need to determine the ideal combination that works best for you to realise the best results for yourself. By exercising regularly and practising healthy dieting habits, you are bound to achieve a caloric deficit faster and more effectively than when using either of the methods separately. A calorie deficit is a situation where your body’s daily caloric demands exceed your daily caloric intakes.

To help you along the way, it could be beneficial for you to have a tracking mechanism to determine the ideal combination of exercising and dieting that works best for you. Wearing a fitness tracker or using an exercise and food log improves your awareness of how each change affects your weight. Most people ignore the fact that they intake more calories by practising unhealthy eating habits like eating junk foods than they burn during physical activities. When physical exercises are performed appropriately, they produce more benefits to your general health, which includes enhancing your muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance. Also, physical exercises are known to increase your muscular mass and more muscular mass means increased metabolic rates.

No two people are the same and it is key to develop a weight loss plan that suits you, to achieve and maintain your fit and toned body. For effective results, ensure the plan does not overstrain you or position you in an over-relaxed situation; you do not want to be discouraged or unmotivated to achieve your goals.


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Although the process of getting in shape is difficult, there is hope. Most people believe that engaging in regular workouts or simply eating healthily alone can help them achieve and maintain a fit and healthy body. On the contrary, it is the combination of engaging in regular workouts and practising healthy eating habits that is key to achieving and maintaining your desired body shape. And this combination differs between individuals, so take this opportunity to find out more about yourself and your exercising and eating habits as you journey towards a fitter and healthier you!


Annie Lizstan works as a health and beauty consultant for online websites and is an independent researcher by profession. She completed her studies at the University of Arizona and lives in Wasilla, Alaska. She loves to explore new ideas about health, fitness and beauty. Recently, she had the opportunity to explore the brain health category and lifestyle news today. She also has experience researching as a passion as well as profession. You can connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


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