Get through Stress with Mindfulness

Get through Stress with Mindfulness

Did you know that while stress is commonly negatively viewed by people, it is the individual’s view of the stress that affects his health, more than the stress itself? And did you know that if one views stress negatively, stress would greatly affect his well-being; and conversely, if stress is viewed positively, these people tend to be able to cope better with stress.


There are two different types of stress, short-term stress and chronic stress. While short-term stress has benefits including boosting the immune system, improving learning and even improving the memory, chronic stress is not beneficial for the body. Similar to getting exercise incorporated into the daily regime, while it would be beneficial to exercise regularly, it would not be that healthy to be exercising all day. Thus, a bit of stress from time to time can be beneficial, but there is need to know how to let go of the stress.


Two types of mindfulness practices, namely mindfulness-based stress reduction and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy emphasize sitting and walking meditation and yoga practices. These practices require individuals to focus their attention on a particular stimulus, such as the breath or sensations in a particular part of the body, for a particular period of time. These mindfulness practices aim to help cultivate “everyday mindfulness”. Mindfulness living refers to maintaining an open and accepting focus on day-to-day life, and living in the present.


Mindfulness living is not only able to help spot rising stress levels, but also manage the reaction towards the stress factors. Eustress refers to a positive experience and distress a negative one. Stress is a natural feeling that people experience from time to time. However, what can be controlled would be the ways of how to reduce the stress and more importantly how that human experience is being viewed and framed. In having a positive view of stress, this can help individuals manage stress better.


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