Guest Post Guidelines

Thank you for considering writing for Zensorium’s blog. Read on to find out how you can submit your article to us!


Why would you want to write for Zensorium?

Our blog posts are shared across our social media channels, including Facebook and Twitter, and have a reach of more than 100,000 readers monthly. Increasingly as well, our blog posts are shared in our monthly newsletter that is being distributed to another 10,000 subscribers.


Before you start, here are some guidelines.


The article must be original and free from copyright infringement. It cannot be published anywhere else, and this includes your personal blog. Also, Zensorium will hold digital publishing rights to the post, if it’s published, and we reserve the rights to republish the article elsewhere, not limited to this blog. Nonetheless, you’ll be credited based on your provided bio wherever this article is published, be it on Zensorium’s blog or anywhere else. Should the article be in copyright violation, it will be deleted immediately.


Your chosen topic should be well-researched, it shouldn’t be a summary of an article you’ve found on the first page of Google. It would be preferred if it’s something that you’ve experienced first-hand.

Word count.

While there’s no minimum or maximum word count, it’s rather unlikely that any idea or topic can be well-developed in less than 100 words.


We reserve the right to make minor edits to the title and article, in terms of spelling and grammar issues. However, if there’re an excessive number of spelling and grammar errors, the article will be rejected.


Strictly no affiliate links. Also, limit promoting yourself, your blog or your company within the article. While cross-linking to relevant articles, on your blog, on Zensorium’s blog or any articles found on the Internet will be beneficial to readers, your blog and company links can be left to be included in your bio instead. As relevant sources should be properly credited, up to 5 relevant backlinks can be included in your article. These backlinks will be collated in the “Resources” section at the bottom of the article.


Limit your bio to 100 words, with 2 back links. This is where you can include your personal blog or company website.

Conflict of interest.

If you’re writing on behalf of your company and will have your company link in your bio, we reserve the right to remove the sentence and the back link if your goods and services are our direct competitors.


Post categories:

1. Fitness
2. Health
3. Stress
4. Sleep
5. Mindfulness
6. Quantified self
7. Wearable tech
8. Food

If you find that your article is unable to fit into one of the categories above, it will likely be rejected.


Thank you for spending the time to read the above details! Drop us your pitch or completed article, together with your bio details to azalea.salim@zensorium.com, and you’ll hear from us in a week! An image for your article isn’t necessary, except for those with fitness workouts, but you may provide one that you deem suitable for consideration, which is distributable under the Creative Commons license. The pitch will give us a sense of whether the article will be suitable for Zensorium’s readers and you would not be wasting your time writing an article that will not be posted on our blog. However, if you do decide to write us the full article instead, you’ll hear from us even if your article is not selected, so that you can post it somewhere else instead. Due to the high numbers of incoming emails, we wouldn’t be able to provide an extensive review of your article should it not be selected. Happy writing and we hope to hear from you soon!


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