Importance of Mindfulness in the Workplace

Living in an age where the brains are in constant activity, mindfulness trains the brain to go to a place of calm and focus so that we can be more present. And did you know that just five to 10 minutes of mindfulness practice can help refocus and enable you to maintain sustained attention for longer periods of time? As such, mindfulness training is becoming more common at the workplace.


Improved health and performance

Studies have shown that mindfulness training is positively correlated with cardiovascular health, immune systems, healing time, memory and focus. Bringing mindfulness practice into the workplace not only benefits employees, but companies as well, as they benefit from reduced absenteeism and healthcare costs.


Reduced stress and worry

Setting aside time to practice mindful breathing can help you deal with stress, anxiety and negative emotions. Mental pain and anxiety are background noises that are a part of most people’s lives, and mindfulness practices present the opportunity to see firsthand the reason for the stress and anxiety.

You can also try out some of these 5 yoga poses when you are feeling stressed at work.


Increased focus and strategic thinking

Mindfulness practices can help leaders, and their organisations, identify ideas and aspirations that are important and which assumptions limit their growth. They are not only useful for attaining enlightenment, but also for making sense in a changing world.

Mindfulness practices does not only have positive impacts on the individual, but the company as well. As such, many more companies are keen to incorporate mindfulness practices into their companies.


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