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Introduction to Wireless Technology

Wireless technology is now the foundation of both the business world and personal lives. Everything today is done through wireless, using infrared technology. From wireless car keys, wireless internet connections, wireless televisions, wireless headphones to wireless games consoles. There are now even 3D pens, which have the capability to create 3D objects in minutes using special ink or plastic which solidifies instantly. And the best 3D pens are wireless. The world as we know it simply would not function without the use of wireless technology, and this trend is set to continue, as cables and wires of all kinds are fast becoming obsolete.
It is safe to say that not long from now everything technological will be wireless. Wireless technology such as iPads are replacing the century-old notepad and pen in many schools. And it will not be long before we see the best 3D pens introduced here also. Computer Mice are now wireless, as are keyboards. While it is true that some internet connections are faster with a direct cable hookup, wireless broadband technology is fast closing the gap. There are fewer and fewer uses for cables, the main one being that devices need to physically plug into an energy source to charge their batteries.
However wireless charging is not as farfetched as it sounds. Several Android phones now support wireless charging. These have been around for quite a few years; however, the problem is getting an acceptable standard for wireless technology. The same was the case before all devices could be charged with a USB, and each phone need a special charger to plug into the outlet, such as a Nokia charger, Samsung charger etc. Once a standard is agreed upon for wireless charging then it will mean the end of physically charging phones.
This is not the only way wireless technology is going to affect the future, as it will be applied in all areas. Electric cars, if they come available, may not have to be physically plugged in to charge their batteries. It could also mean the end of connecting kitchen appliances to outlets for energy, among many other things. Wireless technology has had an incredible effect already and this trend will only occur more in the future
Top Trends in Wireless Technology For Modern Lifestyle

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