Knowing your body age Key to a younger you

Knowing your body age: Key to a younger you

You know your chronological age, but do you know your biological age? The body age is a measurement of how old you are biologically based on your health and fitness levels, as opposed to your actual age. So, a person who is forty-five years old could have a body age of that of a sixty year old. The knowledge of this fact could prove to be a powerful motivator to encourage him to work towards improving his overall fitness and wellness levels.


Determine your body age

The body age assessment takes into consideration your body composition, nutrition, fitness and several other factors to determine your lifestyle patterns. The Britain’s Healthiest Company survey, which surveyed the health of about 10,000 employees found that many of those who were surveyed had a body age eight years older than their actual age, and lost seven years due to the lack of exercise. This means that a 30 year old could have a health age of 38, or older, depending on his lifestyle choices.


Optimum physical fitness

As defined by the American Council on Exercise, optimum physical fitness is the condition that results from a lifestyle that leads to the development of an optimal level of cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility and ideal body weight. And according to Cooper Institute, optimum physical fitness refers to the ability of being able to carry out daily tasks with enthusiasm, without undue fatigue and ample energy to engage in leisure activities.



Wellness is no longer simply the absence of illnesses or diseases, but more accurately understood as the positive well-being of your physical, mental, spiritual and social states. Dr. Kenneth Cooper, the founder of Cooper Institute indicated that there are a variety of ways to improve your well-being by practicing positive lifestyle behaviors, including limiting alcohol, exercising regularly, achieving and maintaining the ideal body weight, and more.


If you feel taking a few inches off your waistline would make you feel good, imagine how great you would really feel, physically and emotionally, if you took a few years off your body age. And the good news is that, you could in fact take years off your body age, by engaging in physical activities and adopting a positive lifestyle. In fact, your obtainable body age could be much lower than your chronological age. By improving your overall fitness and wellness levels and reaching your obtainable body age, it could help you live longer and feel younger and healthier.


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