Major stress trends across the world

Major stress trends across the world

Did you know the Japanese and Germans are relatively stress free? While the Turks and Argentinians are generally stressed out? With increased stress, did you know skin related issues such as itchy skin and oily scalp are more likely to occur? Stress and its impact are understood and managed differently by all, but yet, people of different races, cultures and religions feel that money tends to be the root cause of their stress.


Top three major causes of stress

GfK, a German market research institute, conducted an online survey in 22 countries, which included 27,000 consumers, on the major causes of stress in people’s daily lives. Belgium, Hong Kong and Russia are some of the countries included. The survey found that money, self-pressure and lack of sleep are the top three major causes of stress. 29% of those surveyed indicated that the amount of money they have to live is a major cause of stress and this source is the leading cause of stress internationally. This is followed by the pressure that people put on themselves, at 27%, and not being able to get sufficient sleep, at 23%.


Major causes of stress change with age

Looking at the different age groups among Canadians, many of those aged between 15 and 29 indicated pressure they put on themselves as the biggest stress factor in their lives, while those aged above 30 tended to worry about money. For those aged above 50, health is the second top stress factor on their list. Also, Canadians aged between 15 and 19 indicated their parents as the fifth major cause of stress, those aged between 30 and 39 cite their children, and those aged above 50 considered their spouses stressful.


Stress is a global phenomenon and stress trends across the world appears to indicate the same thing – increasing with no sign of decline. Stress can surface both at work and at home, and while stress can be beneficial when properly managed, it can be life-threatening in extreme cases. There are numerous ways to better cope and reduce stress, including doing breathing exercises or even drinking a cup of green tea. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, check out some of our tips to help you reduce some stress.


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