Mindfulness for Better Leaderhsip

Mindfulness for Better Leadership

Gradually, mindfulness and meditation are no longer terms merely associated with ancient Buddhist practice. New research, such as in the Journal of Management, has shown that mindfulness could potentially improve operations in the workplace; specifically, in terms of leadership and management.



In a stress-filled world, there is need for “time out” opportunities; the time needed to relax, breathe deeply and gain clarity about the work and decisions that have to be made. The practice of mindfulness then helps take you away from the present situation and allows you to look at it in a refreshed perspective when you return to resolve the issue next.


Paying attention

When you are mindful, you tend to have greater consciousness in the present, which is beneficial especially when you are required to manage a wide range of problems that require snap decisions to be made under stress. In a research article published in the Journal of Management, it indicated that mindfulness practices help improve focus, and participants who completed the mindfulness training remained attentive longer on both visual and listening tasks. This means that you would be able to work effectively and productively for longer periods of time.


Don’t take it personally

Moreover, mindfulness has a positive impact on relationships, as mindfulness practice increases empathy and compassion, which leads to more effective leadership and teamwork. You would likely be able to better empathise and place yourself in the shoes of your subordinates and consider their situations, which helps you better manage co-workers and build rapport within the team.


Mindfulness for Better Leadership


Not only does mindfulness help you perform as a better leader in the workplace, but the findings as published in JAMA Internal Medicine, suggested that the practice of mindfulness meditation can also help ease psychological stresses, such as anxiety and depression. Apart from mindful eating, drinking and living, tie it together with the art of mindfulness meditation to improve health and well-being.


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