Missing your health and fitness goals- Lacking stamina?

Missing your health and fitness goals: Lacking stamina?

Keeping fit, a term so often used but one that few can maintain over time. Some attribute it to the lack of determination, while others term it laziness. However, behind this veil could possibly be how your body reacts when you exercise, and the lack of stamina can cause you to immediately lose all the determination you initially had.

Stamina is the energy and zeal that helps you get through your daily activities without getting exhausted or fatigued. Main reasons why you could be experiencing poor stamina include the lack of sleep and water, poor diet and stress. With better stamina, you could possibly see yourself exercising more frequently, and maintaining a better and more balanced lifestyle.


Reasons for Lack of Stamina

• Sleep deprivation: As you sleep, the body recharges and replenishes its physical and mental energy reserves. Without sleep, your stamina decreases.
• Unhealthy diet: If you don’t eat right, the body signals through unexplainable fatigue, low exhaustion thresholds and the feeling of sluggishness.
• Water deprivation: Dehydration reduces the body’s ability to stay cool, thereby increasing the body temperature. This leads to increased heart rate and a reduction in glycogen, which is the source of energy for the body.
• Stress: Stress increases cortisol that in turn reduces the body’s ability to metabolize fats and carbohydrates. This causes fatigue and exhaustion, which can be felt even more acutely when doing physical activities.


How to improve Stamina

• Balanced diet: Regular consumption of a healthy balanced diet that includes all the essential vitamins and minerals from a mixture of fruits, vegetables, nuts and meats help your body to function more effectively and makes you feel more energised.
• Drink sufficient water: Drinking eight glasses of water, which is about 1.5 liters, a day, would be a good gauge for most. However, if you engage in activities that cause you to perspire excessively, consume more water to ensure that you’re properly hydrated.
• Aerobic and anaerobic exercises: Engage in a variety of exercises, aerobic and anaerobic, that target various muscle groups, to not only feel good but look good as well.
• Eliminate bad lifestyle practices: Adopt a healthy lifestyle and avoid harmful habits such as smoking or excessive consumption of alcohol.
• Sufficient sleep: Adults generally require about 8 hours of sleep daily to feel energized and ready to take on the next day’s challenges.
Manage stress: Dabble with the various methods for dealing with stress, such as yoga, meditation and relaxation techniques, and find one that suits you.


After you get your stamina up, get up and get moving! Health issues can take the joy out of living, and no one would want that. Proportioning out just half an hour a day to exercising can help make you feel and look better, and improve your overall well-being. Exercise well, eat well and create a lifestyle that you can live with forever.


Aerobic exercise

Walking is an effective way to stay fit. If you live close enough to work or school, a good solution would be to start walking or cycling there. While it could take a little longer to reach your destination, as compared to driving there, the health benefits of doing so is something that money can’t buy.


Anaerobic exercise

There are many types of equipment in the gym you can choose to exercise with. Utilize the machines for cardio and weights, but be careful and never use a weight that is too heavy. Start with smaller weights and work your way up, you’ll find that you’ll progressively increase the weights rather quickly. Alternatively, you can choose to exercise at home, and you could be as effective in improving your health and fitness at home as you would in the gym. Sit-ups, push-ups, planking and many other exercises that don’t require a specific set of equipment can be done in the comfort of your home.


Healthy nutrition plan

You can achieve this by first minimizing your junk food intake, such as chips and crackers. These foods contain little or no nutrition and are high in sodium and sugar. While you may feel a sudden surge of energy immediately after consuming them, the effects wear off quickly and the sudden dip in sugar levels in your body can make you end up feeling a lack of energy and tired. Avoid foods high in sugar, fat and cholesterol. Instead, opt for a balanced diet and eat lots of fruits and vegetables.


Sustainable lifestyle

All in all, staying fit shouldn’t be a one day or once a week occurrence, it should be a conscientious and lasting decision. Don’t get excited only for the first few days and stop when the motivation fizzles out. Keep good company who encourages you, and not those who belittles your abilities.


Staying fit can help you feel happier, healthier and younger, as regular exercise can sharpen the brain, keep stress in check, along with its plethora of other benefits. Make the healthy lifestyle change today, and that just might be the best decision you’ve ever made in your life.


Sara Biston is a passionate blogger and an experienced writer who loves writing about beauty, lifestyle, food, health and wellness. She believes in spreading happiness through her writings. Sara’s passion for healthy living became the catalyst for a major career change. She is firm believer of the quote: Tough times never last, but tough people do. You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for daily inspirations.


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