No Room for Fitness?

Starting your fitness journey is hard, especially if you live in a small apartment where you may not have ample space for your new diet, making improvements to your apartment without bothering anyone, or even the desire to spread your healthy lifestyle beyond the kitchen.


Storage in The Kitchen

You might need more storage in your kitchen in order to fit all the food in your raw fruitarian diet, or you might need more space for the space age mixer for your morning smoothies. You can always bring in more shelving to meet your needs, or rethink the current design to match better with your workflow in the kitchen. Maybe now, instead of a direct path between the freezer and the microwave you have a flow between the fruit bowl and the blender. Or even just more direct access to your pots and pans to encourage home cooking (maybe a hanging pot holder). Small fixes like this break down the barrier between you and healthy food. Even some little fixes like laying out a dinner plan for each night of the week can reinvigorate your love of home cooked healthy foods (like roasted chicken or a tomato-edamame salad).

If you are planning on pursuing any big changes to your kitchen, such as changing the cabinet seat up or inserting a crazy new sink, do check with your landlord first to make sure it’s something that you can do. There are a ton of ways to add space, especially if you think that oven isn’t something that you’ll use on a regular basis. If you’re a lazy chef like myself, you could save space by using a toaster oven for the rare occasions when you do need a stove.

Will You Bother Your Neighbors

Will you bother your neighbors? It depends on your plan. If you’ve got a high intensity, home based workout planned, probably check with your neighbors which timing would not be of a disturbance for them. Or do it at the park in the sunshine.. Be nice, don’t be a noisy neighbor. Remember that your roommates are your neighbors too (and your dog!). All of these people aren’t here to stand in the way of your fitness goals but they might be a little upset if your routine includes a smoothie every morning that uses a loud blender. Unless you really want to annoy them, try to plan your quietest work outs for the morning. This could mean some yoga, taking a run, even some light ballet moves for balance means your gentling landing toes won’t wake up a soul.

If your animal just hates your new morning routine and seems hell bent on ruining it, try to include them in it. Your dog won’t bother playing london bridges with your down dog if you took him for a run right before hand, and your hat will be less likely to rub up on you during meditation if you feed her before you sit on the cushion. Your animals are part of your life, and getting them settled before you jump in will help you succeed.

Consider Better Choices Outside the Kitchen

There are choices outside of the kitchen. Easy things like including a dietary supplement like hemp oil or clearing out space in your bathroom cabinet by getting rid of all poisonous beauty products. You can find health choices outside of diet and exercise. Even just socializing more is associated with a much longer lifespan. There are a ton of “X-factors” responsible for health, and if you’re already eating a healthy diet and including exercise as a regular part of your day, try something new. Join a pottery class, make a hobby corner in your house to do some creative exploration with yourself.


Mary Grace is a freelance writer based out of the beautiful Boise, Idaho. She loves hiking, skiing, and all things in nature. Tweet her @marmygrace or comment down below with any questions or concerns.


*Disclaimer: The ideas and opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not reflect the view of Zensorium.




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