Quantified Self: Health and Fitness Goals

Unless you are living under a rock, we are all aware of the quantified self craze. Yet, how could we truly build on the aspects of quantified self? Quantified self simply dictates to a movement, incorporating technology into data acquisition of an individual’s daily life. These data inputs vary in a range of mood states, mental and physical performances, calories consumed or even to such extend of quality of the surrounding air!
We all strive to live a healthy life. Mental health or well being is an ideal we all long for. It is a balance of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. But how do we credibly build on our quantified self towards these health and fitness goals? Our goals can either be short term, or long term and the time frame you set needs to be in direct proportion and achievable.
Spare some time and take a look at how we could track and generate amounts of quantified self data for the benefit of our health and fitness goals!

It is with hope that this quantified self movement would be able to improve quality of life alongside with bringing new awareness to our daily routine. Are you a part of the quantified self movement yet?


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