Quantified Self Movement for Health Research

Quantified Self Movement for Health Research

Brian Mondry, vice president for Kantar Health’s Integrated Digital Solutions and Innovation, made a presentation, about the pervasiveness of the “quantified self” in modern consumer insight and how this information can be made use of by researchers in the health industry, in May 2014 at the Market Research in the Mobile World North America 2014 conference in Chicago.


Through self-monitoring and self-sensing, the quantified self uses technology to acquire data on various aspects of his life, ranging from continuous heart rate monitoring to the amount of calories burnt. The individual is then empowered to improve his quality of life. With mobile devices and wearables becoming increasingly prevalent, there are more and more affordable and non-intrusive technologies for gathering consumer data.  And as people allow these applications to collect real time data of their calorie intake and sleep quality, these data can be put to use by researchers and healthcare providers, to improve the future of healthcare.


However, Mondry stressed the importance of researchers in looking at the whole picture, and to combine the individual’s active and passive data with smart analysis. Thus, apart from only collecting consumer data, based on their active patterns, researchers should also consider the consumer history, behavior and preferences, to get a 360-view of the individual. Consumer data, survey and qualitative information should then be seamlessly integrated with social media and wearable application data.


With better data quality, would there be better insights. Improvements for the future of healthcare could possibly lie in the empowerment of the quantified self, and every individual has a part to play in improving the quality of life for generations ahead.


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