Recovering from bone break with Yoga

Recovering from bone break with Yoga

Practicing Yoga has many health benefits for both mental and physical state. This is a vast knowledge but some people refrain from doing any kind of physical activity after they suffer an injury that caused them a broken bone. Doing nothing to strengthen the injured area is definitely the wrong approach to the problem and Yoga can help make the recovery faster and relieve the pain more efficiently.


Bone strengthening

Yoga exercises use the weight of one’s body to improve the posture, balance and blood flow. This is especially beneficial when it comes to improving bone health. Doing certain Yoga poses deals with increasing bone density in arms and legs which is especially useful for keeping osteoporosis at bay and healing the possible fractures. Moreover, while lowering the stress and stress hormone called cortisol, Yoga helps contain more calcium in the bones, which is essential for easy and pain-free movement.


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Trust your Yoga instructor

If you decide to practice Yoga immediately after having your cast taken off, it is best to join a class where you will be taught and supervised by a professional Yoga instructor who will be able to pay attention so that you do not do anything that would hurt you. Yoga can do you a lot of good as a post-recovery treatment for a broken bone but if the fracture was very serious you should not settle for practicing it alone in the beginning. Yoga teachers know exactly what kind of positions are good for different kinds of fractures so make sure to tell everything about your condition from the start. Moreover, if you feel pain do not try to prove yourself to the class and ignore it just so that you could do every position perfectly. Even if you are already athletic enough, a position that does not put a strain on your body might be too big of a burden for a broken bone, even if it has healed properly.


No pressure on your broken bone

Still, you might start considering Yoga after enough time from your bone break has passed and you feel comfortable enough to practice it at home. In this case, you could look up some instructions and videos that specifically deal with Yoga exercises for bone strengthening. Moreover, do not be lazy to use many different props as a support to reduce the strain on your fractured bone. This is especially important if you have suffered a foot injury. Therefore, use chairs, stools, cushions, blankets, improvised blocks and basically anything that you have at home which will help you focus the strain on different parts of the body while your broken bone is free from any pressure. This will not only help you achieve more elasticity and regain the possibility of painless movement but will also improve your overall balance and stamina.


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Be aware of your own abilities

People who had never practiced Yoga before breaking a bone should opt for a set of positions and exercises that matches their level of flexibility. It might be even better and more beneficial to focus on strengthening the injured part of the body at first, without any other exercises for the rest of the body in order to avoid additional pain as well as the possibility to do the exercise in a wrong way thus losing the benefits for the broken bone as well.


Use anything that can help

Sometimes, it can happen that you need additional support for your broken bone in order to keep everything secured and tight. This is especially important for people who had the misfortune to break a joint. Even if this is the case, there is no reason to give up on Yoga and other recovery treatments because one can find suitable equipment and other helpful assets at Paterson medical that will make any kind of exercise easier, safer and more effective.

Recovering from a bone break is never simple but Yoga can help significantly especially when it comes to easing your transition to your regular every day activities before the injury. It does not matter whether your bone break is a fresh or an old injury – the right time to start Yoga and reap its benefits is now.


Gabriella Diesendorf is a freelance writer from Australia and a devoted mother. She loves badgering about beauty, green lifestyle choices and parenting techniques, and if you mention attachment parenting or natural makeup she will bore you to death.


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