Embedded Software Engineer (Senior)
Firmware Development
No. of Vacancies : 1
Posting Date: 29/10/2020

Job Descriptions:

  • Develop reliable embedded software with high quality, testable and maintainable source code
  • Design and layout software structure by utilizing appropriate software architecture and software design pattern
  • Utilize communication mechanism between embedded system and PC or mobile device using either USB, UART, or Bluetooth (Classic and BLE)
  • Transform an idea into software design documents and test documents
  • Develop test software for computer interfacing via USB, UART or Bluetooth
  • Support team members by developing functional testing software
  • Interact with other teams (Requirements gathering/transferring, development, Q&A and etc.) to deliver effective results

Requirements / Qualifications:

  • Master/Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or related fields
  • Experience in embedded software development (ARM Cortex-M or PIC)
  • Experience in PC based application development using VB.Net or C#.Net
  • Have experience in one of these areas: Bluetooth (Classic and BLE), UART, USB, high precision ADC, DSP, ARM/PIC based MCU system programming
  • Experience in code optimization, debugging and checking for memory leaks, etc.
  • Experience in computer interfacing or signal processing
  • Knowledge in database and server is an added advantage
  • Have hands-on experiences with equipment such as oscilloscope, power supplies and DMM
  • Good in both writing and speaking in English
  • Good analytical and problem solving skills
  • Ability to work independently with minimum supervision
  • Team player with good initiative and a never give up mentality