Relax in Less than 5 Minutes Flat!

We may not able to shun away from the hustle and bustle of life, but it is worth practicing to relax and de-stress oneself. Knowing how to relax is vital for ensuring your health and well-being as well as restoring passion and purpose in your life.

So take a deep breath and keep calm for here’s an effortless guide to the quickest and easiest tips on staying relax and mindful for the present moment!

1. Focus on the Pulse

Choose one of your fingers. Declutter your mind and begin focusing on the finger until you can feel your heartbeat in the tip of it. Effortless and there is no need for heavy breathing or having to keep still in an uneasy position. You even get to unwind and relax!

2. Pick a Song and Relax

You know the feeling: You’re about to give a presentation and your nerves set in. You feel the pressure accumulating and desperately seek to relax. Get your groove on, and pick a song that soothes or motivates you. Ultimately, the genre or the artist doesn’t matter, so long as the rhythm and beat pleases you. Put it on loop and lay it for a few minutes till you feel relax and de-stress.

3.1. Mind Muscle Connection!

Muscles as we all know, move different parts of the body. Muscles relax and contract for the body to be in motion. Need to relax? Try contracting your muscles one body part at a time, and then release. Contract, release, and repeat as needed. Also known as contract-release stretching, this notion comes in handy for when the body feels tensed and in dire need to relax.

3.2. Self-Massage

Massage therapy ain’t cheap. Maybe you can do it yourself too. Self massage is an instant approach to relax the muscles and release unwanted tension. We can use it during quick breaks too! Lightly place one of your hands at the back of your neck, and start rubbing over the area slowly, but intensely. Place your fingertips at your ears and gently move them down your jaw until both your hands meet at your chin. When you feel a knot, work it out in small circles with your fingers, massaging clockwise and then counter-clockwise. 5 great minutes of self massage is an effective remedy for the mind and body to relax.


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