Sleep The Unsung Hero

Sleep: The Unsung Hero

In today’s hectic world, the last thing people want to hear is that they need to get more rest. Caffeine is lauded for being a sleep replacement while busy executives brag about how little shut-eye they’ve been getting for the sake of the company. Even though he’s been maligned, avoided, and replaced, Sleep works tirelessly behind the scenes; the quiet hero to the human body.


Distancing Dreams

The medical and scientific communities are just discovering what Sleep has had figured out for centuries. While the human body is unconscious, Sleep tiptoes through our brains and like a high school janitor, sweeps away the unpleasant events of the previous day. Without Sleep, our emotions would be shot, forced to relive events over and over in our minds, without hope of distancing ourselves. Next time you’re able to shrug off an embarrassing event from your past, remember that you have Sleep to thank.


Beauty Boost

There is a villain known as Insomnia. Indiscriminately he destroys his victim’s skin cell by cell, sucking the youth right out of their pores. Like most evil fiends, he commits his dirty deed by night. Not only does this anti-sleep menace delights in making you appear twice your age, he also revels in making you feel twice your age as well. If you have aches and pains, it may very well be the result of poor sleeping habits. A good night’s rest is essential for flushing out toxins and stress hormones that wreak havoc on almost every area of the body. Take it from me, that late night Netflix marathon won’t seem worth it when wrinkles start appearing like spider webs on your face.


Practice Phase

Have you ever been anxious about an upcoming event and dreamed about it beforehand? There you are, in front of a large audience while you attempt to make a speech, or take a test, only to discover that you’re in your underwear! It’s a classic dream that has happened to most of us. Where do these crazy imaginings come from? Yes, too much pizza may be a part of the problem but the main driving force behind these nightmares is actually quite benevolent. Sleep is helping you practice! Your brain needs to rehearse for a worst case scenario, what better place to practice than in your subconscious mind? If you wake up tomorrow morning, full of puzzled embarrassment, remember that those crazy dreams are just Sleep’s way of looking out for you.


Disease Dodge

It’s easy to see the short-term effects of insomnia. You might have trouble focusing, short term memory is greatly impaired, as well as making you just plain grumpy. What isn’t as evident are the insidious long-term consequences of a life without enough rest. In a 2012 study, scientists discovered that rats deprived of sleep were much more likely to develop osteoporosis. Every time you say no to sleep, you give up a little of your body’s ability to heal its own bones. And a clinical study in 2010 came to the scary conclusion that people who got less than 6 hours of zzzs per night were more likely to get cancer. Heart disease, diabetes, and many other diseases all have been traced back to the lack of sleep. Basically, when you refuse to sleep, you welcome in many other ailments.


Sleep is the unsung hero of the human race. Tonight, instead of fighting him with caffeine, why not plump up your pillows, snap on a sleep mask, and embrace the benefits of having Sleep on your side.


Mr. Ricky Singh is a Marketing Analyst with Ommage Sleep. At Ommage Sleep our organic mattresses are made with only 100% natural latex. No harmful chemicals, no off gassing, just safe healthy bedding for you and your family.


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