3 Outrageously Simple Ways to Lose Weight

3 Outrageously Simple Ways to Lose Weight

Want to lose weight without exercising execessively or compromising too much on your favorite foods and snacks? Here are three ways where you can lose some weight, by just changing a few common habits, because, losing weight shouldn’t be that difficult.


1. Eating with Your Non-Dominant HandThree Outrageously Simple Ways to Lose Weight (1)

Eating with your non-dominant hand will apparently make you eat less. But, why is this so? While it is often thought that eating is driven by hunger, it is actually determined mainly by the environment you are in, Leslie Heinberg, Ph.D., director of behavioural services for the Cleveland clinic’s Bariatric and Metabolic Institute, said. In a USC study, moviegoers ate the same amount of popcorn, whether it was stale or fresh, as it was their movie-watching habit. However, when they were asked to switch their eating hand, they ate lesser, especially of the stale popcorn. This is because they became more mindful of what they ate as their eating patterns were disrupted. Apart from this trick, there are many other ways to change your regular eating habits, such as eating in another part of the house, or switching your fork for a pair of chopsticks. This tip actually even sounds fun!


2. Sniffing Your FruitThree Outrageously Simple Ways to Lose Weight (2)

While the smell of barbecued chicken wings and of freshly baked muffins can make you salivate, the scent of other foods can suppress appetite. Appetite suppressants include bananas and apples. Alan Hirsch, M.D., director of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago said that smell makes up 90% of the taste, which is why it is possible to feel like you have already eaten when you haven’t. This is also the reason people who cook all day don’t feel as hungry. Other appetite suppressants include mint and spices. Try adding mint and lemon to your regular daily intake of water, as the refreshing smell and taste of fruits and leaves will make you feel better as well.


3. Keeping Cool

Keeping the home and office between 62°F and 77°F helps burn more calories, according to a study published in Trends in Endocrinology & Metabolism. The cooler environment makes the body work harder to maintain its 98.6°F average temperature. The same logic also applies when you drink cold water. Thus, 25% more calories are burnt when cold water is drunk before a workout. Drinking lots of water also helps keep your body from dehydrating as dehydration slows down the fat-burning process.


Increase the effects of these nifty tips and feel not only skinnier, but also healthier, by adding some of these five detox foods, such as artichokes, beets, fennel, onions and watercress, into your daily meals.


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