Tinke, Linking The Touch

Tinké, Linking The Touch

We met loads of people since we launched Tinké (pronounced “tink”) and these comments stick in our heads most:

“Nice, clean looking design!”

“Why the name Tinké?”

Well, the name came from the phrase “Linking the (é) Touch” when we realized how optical technologies can sense your body parameters elegantly from your fingers. Without pricking, pain or blood, the potential that we saw was huge.

So with a small team of like-minded individuals, we went stealth mode into 3 years of research and development. In December 2012,  when we finally launched Tinké, the responses were amazing.

We gave Tinké an unique architectural design so that it looks cool and stylish. Tinké is the only tracker that measures your heart rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen saturation and heart rate variability to determine your fitness and stress indices.

The path from research to market has been a challenging one for all of us at Zensorium. However we are proud to see that Tinké remains the only app-enabled lifestyle sensor that measures heart rate, respiratory rate and blood oxygen levels to indicate your fitness level, as well as leverage on heart rate variability to indicate your level of relaxation.

As we continue to create additional values, we like to thank you for giving us great support and feedbacks to enhance Tinké and our future roadmap. Do keep your feedback coming in at our community at support.zensorium.com. We look forward to hear from you.


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