Tracking Your Life As A Quantified Self

Tracking Your Life As A Quantified Self

If you’re increasingly noticing that you’ve been trying to track the number of steps taken and the amount of calories you’ve been consuming on a daily basis, you’re one of those who are part of the quantified self movement. A new and revolutionary category of devices, wearables, are likely to increasingly become the data-collection devices of your lives. Chances are, these devices would be able to track a variety of items, including how much you eat, how much you sleep and how much you exercise. And when your company is armed with this information about you, it would be able to have greater bargaining power to reduce insurance costs based on the idea that you are working actively to improve your health and thus would likely to have lower health claims.


The quantified self is a movement that incorporates the use of technology to acquire data on various aspects of an individual’s life. And wearable technologies are accessories or clothing that incorporates electronic technologies, that enables users to wear them and use the device to track various aspects of their lives.


Gradually, the quantified self movement is moving from the early adopters to the mainstream market. There’re about 40,000 health-related smartphone applications, and 1 in 3 American consumers use at least 1 wearable device to track mood, fitness and sleep. And it’s heartening to see that users of quantified self tools, the wearables, have experienced positive health changes since their use of such devices, compared to their non-wearable user counterparts. Notably, wearable users have indicated that they are able to sleep better and run further.


In order to have gain greater control over our lives, tools and data from these wearable devices have made it easier and more effective to take control over what we do to have greater control over our physical, emotional and mental health. The quantified self movement has provided ways where we are able to acquire information about our bodies, but what is more significant is what we do with it; and that is essentially a matter of choice. If you’re still not convinced that you should pay greater attention to your health due to the high costs of healthy living, do check out if your company has any complimentary corporate wellness programmes! This added incentive could just be the additional push you need to work on improving your vital statistics.


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