Unexpected Benefits of Exercise

Unexpected Benefits of Exercise

Did you know that 1 in 4 of those who ever successfully completed a fitness program had a more active sex life?  From happiness to love relationships, check out this infographic  for some epic wins and fails for those who completed a fitness program and reasons provided by those who did not. The study by Harris Interactive, a market research company, on behalf of Bodybuilding.com, showed some surprising fitness rewards, and commonly cited fails to getting fit. Now, which side would you want to fall into? If you want to be on your way to become happier and feeling younger, get moving and start pumping!




Motivated to workout already? Hold your horses and check out the ultimate guide to workout nutrition, to maximise your workout sessions and get the fastest results. And even if you’re regularly traveling around the world for work, check out these six simple hotel room exercises to help you keep in shape.


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