Wearable Tech of the Future- What We Should Expect

Wearable Tech of the Future: What We Should Expect

Wearable technology has made our lives somewhat easier. So, it would be a good time for it to step up its game, wouldn’t it? Nowadays, everybody can afford a smart fitness tracker. That’s not a novelty anymore. Since wearable tech is evolving at such an intense pace, you can rest assured that the future holds many surprises.
Battery life and size are the two main impediments that researchers are striving to overcome. A tracker’s battery, for instance, lasts for a couple of hours. Although it is not that robust (but this depends on the model), a fitness tracker will eventually become invisible, thanks to biometric clothes.
Let us take a look at some of the innovations that will undoubtedly occur in wearable technology.


How about a shirt that monitors the heart rate, the recovery of the heart rate, the ECG, the number of steps you’ve been taking, the positions you’ve been sleeping in, the breathing rate and the intensity of the activity? That’s right, a SHIRT!
And that’s not even a dream anymore. Hexoskin is already selling them! I’m pretty sure the Terminator was wearing one of these and all throughout the movie he was just trying to save his shirt, not the kid.
The shirt can be even washed in a washing machine, which cannot be said about your smartphone or your classic tracker, for that matter. It’s endowed with all sorts of sensors that monitor everything we’ve enumerated before.
In spite of the fact that it’s still dependent on an external device, this shirt is paving the way to a new level of wearable tech.

Ultimate Versatility

Without a doubt, wearable tech is bound to leave the accessory department. It has reached another level. And things are prone to develop further from this point onward. In fact, the ultimate purpose of wearable tech is to provide versatility, at its finest.
Still, the key to making this possible is by promoting adaptability without jeopardizing functionality, in any way. For instance, if a modular wearable would have sensors, imagine what it could do. It could collect extra information to feed into the wearable or even your phone.
We could challenge our imagination further than this. What would happen if you could use your state-of-the-art wearable to start your coffee maker no matter where you are? You would have fresh coffee by the time you get home. Who doesn’t want that?

And God Said: “Let There Be Graphene!”

What is graphene? Oh, just a layer of carbon that’s approximately 200 times tougher than steel. Nothing groundbreaking, really. Can you imagine what is going to happen to wearable technology when it starts being made out of graphene?
First of all, it’s going to be virtually indestructible. Second of all, it can be shaped and bent in any way. Kind of like what some wives do with their husbands, only that graphene isn’t prone to bouts of depression when it’s bent.
When graphene hits the market, it will produce the effects of a nuke. The implications of graphene in technology are far too many. Try to picture this: all the technology you need, be it wearable or otherwise, could be stored in a slice of graphene.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is already here, but it’s just in prototypes. It will take a while until AR devices will be sold worldwide. Remember the time when you thought of the Nokia 3310 as being a brick? Cool, get used to that feeling. In the not-so-distant future, smartphones will probably be obliterated.
If you’ve seen Minority Report, you were undoubtedly charmed by the way the characters interacted with the information within the world they were living in. That’s going to be our world, soon enough. Microsoft HoloLens, for instance, is a real thing already.


Yup, you read that right. Flight. We’re going to master the skies in the future. Why? Because we already did! Have you seen the video with the two awesome – and equally crazy – guys flying alongside a plane with their jetpacks?
These jetpacks were supposed to be retailed for around $150.000, but there have been certain delays in the process of making them. Issues like fuel consumption and noise halted the production.
However, since two of them were produced, you can rest assured that they will be available for everybody in the future.

Nano Sensors

Spiders can detect even the smallest vibrations thanks to the sensors in their legs. Apparently, South Korean researchers have already created these nano sensors artificially. Their potential is absolutely mind-blowing and even more so for wearable technology.
They could easily make fitness trackers and other monitors invisible to the eye. They could also play a role in facilitating the lives of speech-impaired people by detecting and translating the vibrations in their throats.

Final Thoughts

The future is very much here. Even though all these innovative implementations still need a lot of work, the prospect itself is more than reassuring. With all the efforts we put into it, technology seems like it’s a living entity that evolves at a self-established pace. We’re small vessels for its desires.
Not too far away from now, every device we hold in our hands or wear on our wrists will disappear. Everything will be so thin that it would be as it has always been just another layer of our skins. The future of wearable technology is indeed bright, and we’re starting to experience it with each passing day. What are your thoughts on the future? How do you see it?


Dennies John is the Editor of DrippedCoffee.com who is a die-hard espresso fan and love to share what he know about this field. He can read coffee like the back of his hand and brew it as it is in coffee shops.


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