What is the future of wearable tech like

What is the future of wearable technology like?

10 years ago, few would have guessed that there would be a demand for a watch that not only tells the time, but also notifies you of your calls and texts and monitors your health. And 10 years from now, it is also difficult to tell what would the future hold, and what sorts of wearable technologies will be created to improve the overall health and well-being of individuals. Nonetheless, it would be interesting to see what possibilities and opportunities lie ahead. Let us have a look!


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Mood shirts

Sensors in the shirt will be able to monitor your physiology, and broadcast it to those around you by changing the color accordingly, and letting them respond appropriately. It could also beam data to your insurer and possibly get you discounts for feeling positive and healthy. Small gadgets in the shoulder pads could provide screen-free GPS functionality through small directional taps, also known as haptic feedback.


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Energy shoes

These shoes will convert movement into energy, thereby powering its internal sensors as well as other wearable devices. The sensors will be able to cool and heat your feet as necessary, and track your exercise and weight changes.


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Organising contact lenses

With these contact lenses, your life will be kept organised with a virtual assistant by your side, and it will know you better than any other person ever could. The assistant will be able to provide you with what you need before you even know you need it by analysing your tears to understand your emotional reactions, and predict your thoughts and intentions.


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Interactive nail polish

Together with the contact lenses, microchips in the nail polish or even embedded under the fingernails, your movements can be tracked to enable a keyboard function for virtual screens. This will give you the ability to draw in three dimensions and provide real-time haptic feedback for holographic interactions with friends.


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Location-tracking buttons

When global positioning system (GPS) is embedded in the buttons, it will be able to track your movements and learn your habits. This will allow all the other wearables to react in real-time to your location, and predict where you are about to go or provide suggestions on what to do next. Getting lost may be a challenge, but in unknown or dangerous situations, the buttons will be able to contact your family or call 911 for help.


These wearable technologies and products all serve the same purpose, that of improving convenience and caring for the overall well-being of individuals. Are you looking forward to an era where so much personal health data will be made available? Will you participate in this quantified self movement? Also, with so much data on hand, how would you utilise it to improve your health and life? These are questions to ponder on, and hopefully, you will have the answers when the time comes. I believe that it is going to be exciting!


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